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Travelling with pets alone can be stressful, however, if the pet in question is a “Senior Pet” it can be overwhelming.

Senior Pets tend to have a more set routine than the younger ones. Air travel of long hours can be extremely challenging for them, however, with right planning in advance one can ensure a safe and smooth travel for their senior pet.

After having relocated thousands of pets worldwide and in the process having helped many older pets reach their destination safely, our team of experienced pet relocators have come with some important tips to ensure smooth relocation experience.


The first and foremost is a visit your trusted vet and ask for an honest opinion about the health status of your senior pet. If required insist on getting tests done to rule out any underlying health issues. Your vet plays a vital role here in determining if your beloved senior pet is fit enough to undertake a journey.


With increasing demand in pet relocation, a lot of airlines offer “Live Animal Transport” services, however there are always some who stand out when it comes to care and facility. We advise that you must speak with various airlines and talk to an expert pet relocator to ascertain which airlines would be best suited to meet the needs of your senior pet.


Crate training is vital for any pet but as mentioned earlier senior pets tend to have a more set routine and hence can be easily hassled with any new introduction to their routine. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that crate training is done months in advance to make them familiar with the crate.


Hydrate your senior pet properly before the journey and make sure they are fed small meals at proper interval before the big journey. If your senior pet needs to be fed medicines, please ensure the pet relocation company and airlines both are informed in advance about the same. Last not the least the crate should be equipped with a comfortable bedding. Senior pets tend to have weaker bodies and being in a crate with no or little movement can lead to aches. A soft bedding will ensure they are comfortable throughout their journey.

The above tips are important however it is highly recommended that you get in touch with an expert to plan move of your senior pet.

AirPets have relocated many pets in their golden years to and from India successfully. You can contact us to book an appointment for consultation on +91-9257-123-123 or email on [email protected]


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