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Travelling with Pets to Europe: Things you need to know before you plan your big move

Moving to a new country can be stressful in general but when your beloved pet’s travel is also involved it can be nerve wrecking. The key to a successful and stress-free move is planning months ahead of your travel and hiring an experienced Pet Relocator to help you throughout the process.

Pet Relocation can be complex and rules can vary from country to country. Europe is one such destination which needs careful and long term planning to make the move a happy experience. We are here discussing relocation of Cats and Dogs from India to Europe under the EU pet travel scheme.

The process of relocation of any Dog or Cat from India to Europe can take up to 4 months. Any pet travelling to Europe requires a Rabies Titer Test to be conducted which is followed by a 90 days mandatory waiting period in India from day of blood sample collection. However, before the blood sample can be drawn the pet must be microchipped first and rabies vaccination administered later, otherwise the vaccination won’t count. Post the microchipping and rabies vaccination we must wait for 30 days before drawing blood sample for the Rabies Titer Test.

Other than the above your pet will need a valid Vaccination Book and a tapeworm treatment (for dogs). A dog must have a tapeworm treatment between 24 hours and 120 hours i.e. one to five days prior to your scheduled arrival time in the Europe. If the pets are travelling as Cargo then they should travel within 5 days of their owner’s travelling for it to be considered as a “Non-Commercial” move.

The pets can travel as both Cargo & Accompanied baggage to Europe thus giving pet parents the flexibility to plan their travel with their pets. You must reach out to a seasoned Pet Relocator to avoid any last-minute heartbreaks due to the rules and start planning at least 6 months ahead if your next move is to Europe.

Having relocated thousands of Dogs & Cats to Europe we will be happy to assist you in your move. To sign up for our services please write an email today at [email protected] or call on +91-9257-123-123.


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