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The Joy of Helping a Rescued Animal Reach it’s Forever Home

AirPets was started with a vision to provide safe transportation to Pets around the world. We love our regular clients but the joy of transporting a rescued animal to its forever home still remains one of best feeling in the world.

We at AirPets regularly help individual rescuers and rescue organisation to transport their rescued Dogs/Cats overseas at nominal charges as part of our corporate social responsibility without comprising the safety and quality of services. We are proud to have transported over 500 plus rescued dogs and cats to various destination around the world and helped them reach their forever homes.

You can read more about our initiative to help rescues by clicking on the below link:

Our commitment of giving back to our valued four legged friends remains unhindered despite the pandemic and we are preparing for more of such happy stories once the international flights resumes.

If you are a rescue organisation looking for help in flying your rescued animals please get in touch with us on [email protected] or call on +91-9257-123-123.


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