Taking Pets To UK

Taking Pets to United Kingdom

The process of taking your pet Dog/Cat to UK is expensive but not impossible. With proper advance and timely planning pet parents can easily move their pets to UK without any hassles. 

Hiring services of a professional pet relocation company is of paramount importance to relocating your pet to countries like United Kingdom. First and foremost, as mentioned earlier planning in advance is key to a smooth and hassle-free relocation. UK unlike some of the developed countries have stricter rules and compliances to follow. 

India falls under unlisted third country and hence it is recommended that you must plan your pet move at least 6 months in advance. Some of the primary requirement of travelling to the UK with your pet Dog/Cat is as below: 

  • Your Dog/Cat must be microchipped at 12 weeks or more
  • Must be vaccinated against Rabies and your pet must be 12 weeks or older for primary rabies vaccination to be eligible to travel to the UK
  • A Blood Test “TITER TEST” 30 days after the rabies vaccination must be carried out
  • Must have a valid Pet Passport (vaccination book) issued by an authorized vet
  • A waiting period of 90 days is applicable from the date of blood sampling and date of travel
  • Your dog must have been treated against External and Internal Parasite within 120 hours to their arrival in the UK

Once you are aware of the requirements, the second step is to start complying to the above requirements in a timely fashion to avoid any last-minute disappointments. You must follow the steps in correct order for your pet to be eligible to fly to the UK 

  • You pet must be microchipped before receiving the rabies vaccination. If you pet was already vaccinated and microchip was inserted later, then the pet will need to be re-vaccinated
  • If the pet is revaccinated, 30 days waiting period will be applicable for the blood sample to be drawn followed by 90 days wait period prior to flying to the UK
  • Once the Titer Test result is out and your pet has passed it, we recommend you contact the pet relocation agency at least 20 days prior to end of the 90 days wait time to start the booking process
  • It is important to note that your movement and your pet’s movement must be within 5 days of each other. This is also applicable if you are unable to travel with the pet and have authorized someone else
  • If you are flying with more than five pets, it will be considered as a commercial move and in that case process and cost may differ
  • Once the booking is done, it has to be presented at the quarantine station for inspection and issue of Export Permit. This must be done within 120 hours of your arrival to the UK. The External & Internal Parasite treatment also needs to be before the above process is carried keeping in mind the 120 hours requirement.
  • You must apply for TOR (Transfer of Residence No.) to be eligible for Vat Exemption on relocation of your pet

The process of taking your pets have been elaborated above however, please free to get in touch with AirPets Relocation Services Pvt Ltd for a professional consultation. You can write to us on [email protected] or call on +91-9257-123-123.

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