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Choosing the Right Kennel/Crate for Your Pet’s Travel

Choosing the right crate is one of the most vital part of your pet’s travel. Crate is not only an equipment for your pet’s travel but also his safe haven for the long journey he/she is about to undertake. Most dogs treat crates as their private space where they feel secure and relaxed. Points to consider while choosing the right crate.

  1.  Getting the right size crate for your pet is extremely important. We recommend to firstly measure your dog from the top of his head to the floor, then from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail. The internal length and height of the kennel should be at least 5 inches taller and longer than your pet so there is space to fully stand up, easily turn around and lie all the way down.
  2. While choosing a crate please ensure there is enough ventilation, it’s leakage proof, edges must be round and smooth so that the pet does not cause any damage to itself. Petmate and Petmode are two popular brands that you can choose from while buying crate for your pet. Both the brands have designed their kennels as per IATA guidelines and are safe and reliable.
  1. Do not forget to cable tie the doors of the crate on all corners while handing over the pet to the airlines. Adding cable ties to the door will ensure your pet is properly secured and there is no risk of them opening the crate. The locks in the crates are very reliable however adding an extra layer of security for well-being of your beloved pet is highly recommended.
  2. Always ensure the Kennel has a water bottle attached to it for your pet to remain hydrated at all times.
  1. We always advise pet parents to buy the crates in advance to start training their pets way ahead of their journey. A pet will start recognising the crate as its safe zone once he/she gets used to being in it. We recommend feeding your pet in the crate or leaving some treats and their favourite toys in the crate to encourage them to explore it.
  1. Please ensure your pet has his/her favourite bedding or a soft comfortable bedding during the travel to make him/her feel warm and cosy. We also recommend covering them with pee pads in case they end up peeing in the crate during their journey, this will ensure your pet is not sitting on wet surface before being finally out of the crate.

Other than the Fibre Crates, we also organise “Custom Wooden Kennel” for your pet if they cannot fit into the conventional 48x32x35 inch crate. The custom kennels are made as per the IATA guidelines and generally used for Giant Breeds like German Shepherd, Saint Bernard, Rottweiler or Great Dane.

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