Petmode Kennel – Big (81x56x59 cm)

8,000.00 6,500.00

You can sit back, relax and enjoy your trip knowing your pet is safe in their Petmode plastic carrier.

Product Description

Meet all the regulations of IATA for shipping live animals. Comes with clip on bowl. Comes with wheels, that can be attached/detached as needed.
Fits dogsizes like Springers, Border Collies, Bulldogs.

Length: 81cm (32inch)
Width: 56cm (22inch)
Height:59cm (23inch
Weight: 7kg (14.4lb)
Petmode Aviation Crate
Petmode Aviation Crate meet all the regulations of IATA for shipping live animals but have a lot of new features concerning security and strength. All you need to do to get a safe flight is to get the size right.
Product features:
– 4 side ventilation to meet IATA requirement
– Handle in top for easy transport
– Study plastic construction
– With 4 wheel


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